Katt Williams assaults 12 year old boy and then get’s choked out!

Katt Williams shocked fans after a viral video showing the comedian involved in a scuffle with a 7th grader was uploaded Wednesday morning.


The clip feature’s Katt surrounded by school kids who are filming the incident. The comedian is now being slammed on social media for sucker punching the 12 year old school child.

The facts relating to the incident and the escalation leading up to the events are not yet known.


In another clip Katt is shown being pinned down to the ground by the 12 year old as the other school kids watch. In the video you can hear people in the background shouting: “Luke, get off  of him!” and people shouting “Chill” and “Stop!” as well as shrieking in the background.



There is high speculation that this incident may actually well have been  a publicity stunt and given his reputation that very well may be the case.



Having said that, in 2015 it was reported that Williams allegedly assaulted a man on stage which resulted in another brawl. Earlier this week Williams also had a lawsuit filed against him for the apparent assault of a woman by the name of Jamila Majesty in his mansion, after he apparently “flew into a rage” ‘when she used his bathroom without asking permission’.



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