Clash erupts between Manchester United and Liverpool during EL Game!



It was Liverpool that came out the victors as they defeated United with an aggregate score of 3-1.


During the final minutes of the game things got physical not only on the pitch but from the stands when a group of Liverpool fans seated around home supporters spread a club flag much to the enjoyment of the meeting supporters underneath them.


Stewards moved quickly in to dismantle the group to prevent further escalation after a couple of punches and a seat were tossed.

James Pearce a reporter from the Liverpool Echo said: “Around half a dozen Liverpool fans sat in the United end unfurled a LFC banner and United fans around them reacted angrily.

“Punches were thrown before the police and stewards stepped into restore calm.”

As the fighting was taking place, a number of Liverpool fans in the lower tier chanted ‘Munich’ – a reference to the 1958 disaster.

The game had earlier been blighted by chants from the United supporters about the Hillsborough tragedy.”

It has been reported that Liverpool are looking into claims youth team player Jordan Williams took part in the mocking of the Munich Air Disaster during the Europa League match at Manchester United.


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