Miley Cyrus Display’s Impressive Yoga Skills



The 23 year old singer shared several video’s on Thursday morning of herself exhibiting her impressive yoga skills.


The former star of Disney’s ‘Hannah Montana’ captioned the video’s with messages such as ‘starting da day right.’ Gotta do yoga not for my body but for my mind!’ and ‘DO YOGA or GO CRAZY!’


The Wrecking Ball songstress displayed her toned figure in a red sports bra and cropped grey sweatpants as she performed a several great postures including Sirsasana (lower arm stand), Uttanasana (forward bowing) and modified Ardha Matsyendrāsana (spinal turn).



Upon observation of these images it would suggest that Cyrus is no beginner when it comes to Yoga as she managed to hold her form well and looked confident doing so.



324a83e600000578-0-image-a-60_1458238246192Post-workout, Miley then uploaded a photo of herself still dressed in her yoga attire, lying down after session with her pet cat with the caption:  ‘Post yoga kitty time (heart emoji)  #Harlem #Kiki #Lilo #Shanti.’

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