Sony possibly developing 4K PlayStation 4

sonyps4v1There is speculation that SONY could be producing a new version of the PlayStation 4 that has the capability to output 4K graphics for games. reports finding out about the PlayStation 4 update from several developers, who Sony has informed on the developments.

It has not yet been stated when the overhauled PlayStation will be prepared or how it would be sold, however the suggestion is that Sony could, possibly in the following year or something like that, start offering a 4K-compatible PlayStation close by the current PlayStation 4.




At this point time as far as gaming goes, while there may not be enough content to justify buying a television for the sole purpose of gaming, there is noticeable quality improvement for 4K with some games that have not been released as 4K titles.

(See Battlefield Hardline above)

In order for the 4K compatibility to work on a Ps4 effectively, the PlayStation would require stronger graphics capabilities than the present PlayStation has at this time.

According to Kotaku the upgraded PS4, which developers appear to be informally alluding to as PS4.5, incorporates both a redesigned processor and GPU. Both would be important to yield PS4 diversions at 4K determination, which requires a great deal more power than it takes to export PS4 games out to 1080p. The current model supports 4K photo’s and video’s, yet not games.

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