World’s largest Pokemon card is made up of over 12,000 Cards!


British artist Quentin Devine, created this incredibly huge Pokemon card, which actually upon closer inspection is an enormous collection of Pokemon trading cards that have been positioned together carefully to create this mosaic image of the Pikachu trading card.




The card show’s Pikachu in his original pose as originally illustrated by famed Pokemon illustrator Ken Sugimori. The collection of cards or mosaic, so to speak is 32 feet tall, 23 feet wide and it is made up of over 12,000 individual Pokemon trading cards and it has been deemed as a new world record for mosaic art created in the form of trading cards.



Original Pikachu card displaying Pikachu’s signature pose.



Quentin Devine’s Mona Lisa Collage.

Devine created the work in tribute of the the Pokemon company’s year long 20th anniversary celebration of the Pokemon franchise. The artist previously also made a mosaic of the Mona Lisa made using only fan self-portraits and also constructed a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II using penny coins.



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