Untreatable ‘Super-gonorrhoea’ Spreading across Britain



There has been outbreak of exceedingly drug-resistant “super-gonorrhea” that is spreading crosswise over Britain and could become untreatable according to Doctors.

The number of confirmed cases has now escalated to 34 as indicated to recent reports there is “high concern” among specialists that it is spreading throughout the UK. Experts say it has a risk of being untreatable if the only remaining effective antibiotics fail.

Efforts have been made to track down the carriers of the disease , which can cause infertility. Public Health England (PHE) However is understood to have acknowledge that efforts to prevent the spread have not achieved the desire success rate.

The alert comes after Chancellor George Osborne warned that resistance to antibiotics will turn into “an even mankind than cancer” without global action.

PHE said an expansion in instances of super-gonorrhea was a “further sign of the very real threat of antibiotic resistance to our ability to treat infections”.

The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV issued a caution to clinicians encouraging them to catch up instances of abnormal state drug safe gonorrhea and trace their sexual accomplices.

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