Thousands of people Unaware of “Do not resuscitate” orders

blue-hospital-corridorA huge number of individuals in England are having “do not resuscitate” orders forced on them without their family’s consent, a review has found.

According to audit by The Royal College of Physicians it has come to light that one in five families of over 9,000 dying patients were discovered to have not been made aware of the “DNR” orders imposed upon their relatives.

According to the Telegraph Prof Sam Ahmedzai says  it is “unforgivable” not to inform families.


NHS England claim that end of life care has been improved, but admits that more could have done.

The review evaluated that a number as high as 200,000 patients a year are issued with a request not to endeavor to revive them on the off chance that they stop breathing or their heart stops.

Professor Ahmedzai, chairman of the audit, said that in a specific number of cases, there were no relatives, or families could not be informed in time.

However Prof Ahmedzai, goes on to say that Doctors and Nurses needed to “do better” in terms of communication with families as the current practises were “not really acceptable”.

shutterstock_985083141He then went on to say “I think everybody has the spirit and the wish to do it. It’s just that doctors and nurses are very busy in the front line,”

“They are having to tend to lots of other things, including trying to cure patients alongside caring for those who are dying. And one of the things that goes when we are very, very busy is that attention to communication.”

According to Professor Ahmedzai, There are large training programmes being run across the country to try to improve communication with families.



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